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children, we have exclusive good morning, america. breaking news. a continental airlines jet making an emergency landing in miami after turbulence, severe turbulence injures more than two dozen people. what was it like on board? we have a live report. and capture. three american students detained in iran after crossing the border during a hike.
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their last message, we're surrounded. did michael jackson have a fourth child, exclusive video of the jackson family vacation. who is this young man always at jackson's side? the newest poster person for diet and weight loss. rush limbaugh loses 90 pounds in 5 months. a new diet trend. could it work for you? and the boom that went bust. we show you how not to blow up a and the boom that went bust. we show you how not to blow up a building. captions paid for by abc, inc. and good morning, america. welcome to this new week. i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts on monday, august 3rd, 2009. what could it have been like aboard that plane with that turbulence? still getting news in. >> we know it was a continental flight on its way to houston, texas, from rio de janeiro, a boeing 767, diverted to miami after dozens of people were injured because of violent
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turbulence. abc aviation expert lisa stark has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, it was a boeing 767 as you say. it was a continental flight 128. that's a wide-bodied jet. we're told that there were 168 people on board. that's passenger and crew. they were on their way from rio de janeiro to houston where they hit turbulence. they were climbing to 38,000 feet. we're told they hit rough air, apparently very severe turbulence. they were about 50 miles north of the dominican republic at that time and the pilot decided to declare an emergency. it was that bad and to put down in miami where continental doesn't even really fly to miami. they decided to put down in miami after the severe turbulence. miami-dade fire and rescue responded to the airport and as you mentioned, they have -- they're dealing with about 26
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injured people there. we're told miami-dade has rushed 60 personnel, 20 to 25 vehicles to the scene of this aircraft, and they're even using catering trucks to help get in and out of the plane. transport people off as they try to deal with this emergency. so, again, we're told 26 injured, continental flight 128, a boeing 767 on its way from rio to houston having to declare that emergency and put down in miami. >> we're seeing some of the emergency personnel that you were talking about that were there. what type of injuries are you hearing about? >> reporter: well, 22 of the 26 injuries were we're told from local authorities are fairly minor, stable. these patients are stable, we're told. they have back and neck pain, bumps and bruises. but four of those injuries are being described as serious. we don't know the extent of their injuries at this point. obviously they're being taken to local hospitals where they will
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be evaluated but four serious, 22 more minor stable injuries. >> lisa, the weather, was that a factor at all? we keep hearing about the severe turbulence that is really causing so many troubles for airlines recently. >> reporter: well, i have reached out to try to determine what sort of weather they were flying flew, and we have not been able to determine that at this point. you know, there could have been severe thunderstorms in that region which caused turbulence. obviously planes try to fly around them. they have onboard radar to try to do that. we don't know at this point, but i would say that is the most likely scenario. >> we'll get more information. abc aviaon correspondent lisa stark, thank you very much and we'll keep everybody updated. more details as they come in. but we do turn now to the news this morning on the three american students captured by iran officers. the state department says swiss diplomats are working hard to obtain information on the whe whereabouts and health of the
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students who were apparently captured while hiking a popular area on the border that separates iran from neighboring iraq and on this story is abc's senior affairs correspondent martha raddatz. martha? >> reporter: the swiss diplomats will meet with iranian representatives today to try to get these young americans freed. the three americans are now being held as prisoners in iran. joshua fattal, an environmental worker from oregon, shane bower from minnesota would works as a freelance journalist in the middle east and sarah shourd from california also based in the middle east as a writer and teacher. the three were arrested friday after accidentally crossing into iran while hiking in a mountainous area near the border town of ahmad, awah, a popular resort destination known for his pistachio trees and waterfalls. >> they were in the kurdistan
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region. >> reporter: fattal wanted to know more about his family's roots. his father born in iraq told abc news "currently we are only concerned about the well-being of joshua and the other two people. we hope they come home as soon as possible." a fourth person, shon meckfessel an english teacher also hiked with the group for part of the time. meckfessel received a phone call from his friends saying "we're surrounded." meckfessel is now at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. these arrests come on the heels of the detention and eventual release of american journalist roxana saberi earlier this year who was accused of spying. the united states and iran haven't had diplomatic ties in 30 years. >> if they start talking about spying and start talking about needing to investigate and the thing runs into days and then weeks, that's a very serious message that they don't want better relations with us.
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>> reporter: the white house has yet to issue any kind of statement about this and it will also be something to watch to see how iraq responds and maybe helps out. robin? >> all right, martha, thank you. now to wall street and big bonuses. this is the week the obama administration has to decide what taxpayers can and cannot stomach. seven companies which received billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts will split plans for big bonuses. senior white house correspondent jake tapper leads off our coverage from d.c., of course. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. white house officials know that populist sentiment could be stirred up with news of these billions of dollars in bonuses going to officials from these companies that received billions in government bailouts from the taxpayers. that's populist sentiment that could end up being directed at the white house if not handled correctly. >> why should the -- >> reporter: the attorney general of new york says the nine large banks that accepted $175 billion in federal bailout money gave out $32.6 billion in
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bonuses last year. >> to say that the taxpayer is going to pay the bill and the bank executive is going to walk away with a million dollar bonus when it was a terrible year for the bank, that doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: some banks have ten days to submit their plans for this year's executive compensation packages to the so-called pay czar at the treasury department kenneth fineberg. the big question for hall, the multi-millionaire who owns this german castle, will feinberg okay his $100 million bonus? on the one hand hall is said to have made citigroup $2 billion. on the other, taxpayers bailed out citigroup with $45 billion. >> we want these firms to earn money. we want them to pay the taxpayers back and so absolutely what he's working out is, you know, sort of balancing off the are they going to be able to retain talent with our sense of outrage? >> reporter: though the administration has been pushing
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rules to let shareholders have more of a say in executive compensation, will that along with personal expressions of displeasure, be enough? especially when some economists say deficit reduction will be impossible without a tax increase on the middle class, which treasury secretary geithner refused to rule out. >> but you're not ruling it. you can't rule it out. >> i think what the country needs to do, understand we'll do what it takes, we'll do what is necessary. >> reporter: the president has lost ground in polls recently about the perception of him as a tax and spend liberal as well as his handling of the economy and health care. what he does not want is on top of all the concerns about his spending programs to be held responsible for these billions in bonuses. diane? >> jake, o thanks to you. as robin said, what would you do? what do you think is fair and just? for more on this battle over executive pay we turn to the chairman and ceo of "forbes" magazine steven forbes. good to have you here. let me take the part of the taxpayer here. looking at 9.5% unemployment in
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this country, a $1.8 trillion deficit right now. and shelling out taxpayer money, just hand over fist. should these executives get these giant bonuses and these giant pay packages? >> i think you have to distinguish between management, executives, top people who run these companies and the actual traders with whom they have contracts and if you meet certain goals you get certain bonuses. the managers, the executives should not get those bonuses, clearly in some of these cases because their companies miserably have not performed but the people who have performed as individual traders or salespeople, that's a different matter. now, if the government is outraged by what these traders might make meeting those specifications on their contracts,hey met their goals, the company didn't, but they met their goals, if the government doesn't like it it should have told those companies when you get this bailout money those contracts are broken and abrogated. they did not do that so the
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government dropped the ball on that if they wanted to curb those bonuses. >> you're saying you can't do it retroactively. all of a sudden change the rules after you've already given the money. let's take citigroup, andrew hall we're talking about. they lost $27.7 billion. was bailed out $45 billion. going to give andrew hall, who did make them 2 billion over three years $100 million, which is 274,000 a day? and four hours making more than the average family of four. >> you just hit the number. his operation made $2 billion. the rest of the bank botched their operations. he performed. now, now in terms of future bonuses, one thing the government could do constructively is a you pay these things out over three to five years to make sure these strategies were long-term sound, but if he made the bank 2 billion, he should get what he was promised. now in the future you may say no
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more bonuses but fine. >> could citigroup even possibly be paying this money if taxpayers hadn't bailed them out to the tune of 45 billion? >> well, he would say -- he would say and he made a contract, he delivered on his part of the contract. now, the government, again, if the government goes in and says as a condition of this bailout, those contracts are abrogated. you're in effect in bankruptcy, fine. then mr. hall will take his talents and his people elsewhere but the government did not do that. so don't blame him. and this gets to a bigger issue. how in the world did we get the bubble of this size? and this is something the federal reserve has to bear responsibility for. diane, if they hadn't printed so much money in the early part of this decade, we never would have had this disaster. if they get rid of this policy of a weak dollar which is the bush administration did, which was a disaster, this administration has to stop treating the dollar like toilet paper and this -- these crises will not reach the proportions
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they did. >> can't let you go without asking about what happened yesterday. we saw in a number of the talk shows administration officials, treasury secretary geithner and also economic adviser larry summers seeming to be softening the way for a tax cuthat affects not just the wealt in this country but also the middle class. some p people are lkg about t a value-added tax on purchases. >> equivalent of 15% to 20% sales tax which is what they have in europe. >> you think it's inevitable? >> no, and i tnk that would take us back to the 1970s when we had massive tax increases because of inflation, stagnating economy.y. you reduce the burden on the american people, not increase it. you make the dollar strong and stable so people can trust it again n so people take risks agn and we'll pull ourselves out of this. if you increase the tax burden, you're just going to hurt the economy. >> all right. well, steve forbes, it's great to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> chris cuomo has other headlines.
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good morning, everyone. the cash for clunkers rebate prram could crash today if the senate doesn't step in. the obama administration says the program will be suspended if lawmakers don't find a additional money to fund it. friday the house approved an additional $2 billion for the program. so stay tuned. the family of an american fighter pilot shot down at the start of the first gulf war finally has some closure this morning. the pentagon confirms the remains of captain michael speicher were found in the iraqi desert. over the years the military changed speicher's status several times from killed in action to captured. a family spokeswoman said through it all the family stayed strong. >> they have kept their hope alive. they've recognized the importance and in fact caused changes to the intelligence community through this search. but it is a family that has demonstrated the principle that love is unlimited and can do just about anything. >> the pentagon says speicher's body had apparently been buried
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by local iraqis. in afghanistan the taliban is claiming responsibility for a roadside bombing that killed ten people. including women and children. these deaths not mere statistics but science of a deteriorating condition for u.s. troops with attacks on the re, six americans died over the weekend. and finally sometimes things just don't go as planned. that's what we have to call this. take a look at this planned implosion of a factory in turkey. not supposed to go over like that. almost hit another building. that's not good. rolling over like that. just not according to the plan. of course, it's supposed to go straight down. misplaced explosives caused this. imagine if you're standing on that balcony. this isn't good. this isn't good. oh, no, we're okay. that's the news at 7:15. >> what happened to just -- >> it's the way it's supposed to go down. not supposed to go that way. >> oops. >> pretty strong building, though, to roll over that way. let's go for the weather now to sam champion who is out on
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new york's waterfront. this beautiful morning. sam? >> it is gorgeous. good morning, diane. good morning, robin. you guys at the top of the show were talking about the weather conditions around the continental flight that made that landing in miami and the only thing we were able to determine there was one pocket of very powerful thunderstms i, i, ibuamo but they're only 100 or 200 miles across so iteally is kind of unusual they would have to go thghriugrot thh at one small area of storms when there are so many other clear spots around it. anyway, let's get to the boards and talk to you about the severe thunderstorms that will pop up today right in the middle of the country. these are afternoon storms, and the thing is here is just watch them carefully in the afternoon and evening. they could carry all the bad weather with sum aretime storms, springfield, illinois and st. louis.
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>> nadea werth to wworrth to wy about today. high pressure settles back into the region and plenty of sunshine, heat and humidity. 67 degrees in gaithersburg. a cold front is moving offshore. we'll have daytime highs that will be ne 9ar h d0re des. it wilve en warm even warmer for
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>> we'll have all of america's weather in the next half hour from the beautiful hudson river off the side of manhattan. robin? >> thank you. it is gorgeous out there this morning. thanks. now to the battle over michael jackson's estate. his family heads to court later today to ask for more control. they'll also present the judge with that custody agreement between katherine jackson and debbie rowe. our lisa fletcher is in los angeles with the latest on that. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, robin. in just a few hours a judge here at l.a. superior court is expect to stamp that custody agreement with approval but as for the rest of the estate, as with all things jackson, anything could happen. katherine jackson is expected to walk out of superior court this morn with a judge's approval to be permanent guardian of michael jackson's three children. it is a deal already agreed upon with debbie rowe, the biological mother of prince and paris jackson. katherine jackson spoke to geraldo rivera sunday night. >> i'm so glad you got custody
7:19 am
of those children. >> i am too because that's what michael wanted. >> one of the best things you can do in any custody situation is try to stay out of court so this was somewhat expected and is in all likelihood a great result for katherine jackson and for debbie rowe. >> reporter: but that so-called great result still has some unresolved issues. sources close to debbie rowe tell abc news that she is concerned a battle might be brewing about in what religion the children will be raised. since michael jackson's death katherine jackson, a devout jehovah's witns has been taking the kids to her church but sources close to rowe says michael jackson wanted them raised catholic even having them baptized into the church in 2003. what about the relationship between katherine and joe jackson? rumors of a separation have some wondering what role the children's grandfather will have in their lives. >> can you tell me what -- can you respond to what they're saying about your husband and you and him not being allowed in the house and all that kind of stuff? can i at least do that.
7:20 am
>> well, i don't know why they're saying he's not being allowed in the house. i have never done nothing of the sort trying to say he did 39 years ago and all this kind of crap. i don't understand that. and i just believe it's something that they cooked up. >> reporter: in a separate hearing this morning the same judge may rule on the validity of michael jackson's 2002 will and trust. robin and diane? >> all right, lisa, thank you very much. coming up after the break, we're going to have the latest on that continental flight making the emergency landing in miami. again, many injured because of turbulence. we'll have the latest info on th. and after the break when we return, did michael jackson have a fourth child? an exclusive never-before-seen video of a jackson family vacation. who is this young man? and a brand-new diet. rush limbaugh lost almost 90 pounds in 5 months. is it safe and is it the diet that could work for you?
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> hello and good morning, everybody. it is monday morning at 7:22. i am alison starling. let's look at traffic. >> it has been nice this morning. leading dale city, things are settling down on 95 in virginia. 270 southbound was a little slow approaching 109 but leading gaithersburg and germantown is moving at speed. let's take you live to the camera of 395. northbound is on the right side pentagon i ohesn pentagon is open and clear. >> ready sunshine this morning and this afternoon. temperatures will warm up very
7:24 am
nicely, into the 90-degree range. it will be code yellow for air quality. lots of sunshine and near 90, north-northeast winds at 10 e wth miles per hour. the wind will change directions tonight. temperatures in town will drop to around 70 degrees. tomorrow, "orange for air quality, hot, hazy, possible thunderstorms and the heat index will be about 95 degrees. our temperatures will be cooling down by thursday into friday. daytime highs will be in the mid-80's.
7:25 am
7:26 am
the new rules in effect for step that prince george's county fire stations sparked a problem overnight. the boulevard heights station lost a fire truck to fire. matt brock has more. >> smoke and flames poured out of the boulevard heights fire station. volunteers who were there were able to get some of equipment out. the first fire company that called in was the capitol heights station. we are told that the capitol heights crew never made here. others did and knocked down the fire quickly. many told us that they are concerned about the reduced staff at the fire stations.
7:27 am
this woman lives in a senior citizens' home nearby. how will they be able to help my mother. she walks with a cane. she has to have somebody with her at all times. >> the fire chief says it is the result of the $110 million budget. it is less than last year. >> we have about 22 fire stations within a mile and a half of each other. we can't afford to staff them all. metro begins repairs this week at the site of the deadly crash in june. that means more delays on the bread line. -- read it -- red line. they will begin replacing track circuitry. the cause of the crash remains under investigation and the ntsb is focusing in glitches on the train detection system. trains will move more slowly while repairs are made over the
7:28 am
next month. virginia's sales tax holiday runs friday through sunday. you can get school supplies without the pie% sales tax. the tax break is also available on clothing and shoes that cost less than $100. d.c. and maryland have canceled their august sales tax holiday because of budget problems. we will have another news update
7:29 am
7:30 am
>>ese are l these are live pictures of continental flight 128. it was flying from rio de janeiro to houston when it made an emergency landing in miami this morning after experiencing violent turbulence. dozens of people injured. some seriously and we'll have a live report from miami in just a moment as we say good morning, america, on this monday morning and hope you had a wonderful
7:31 am
weekend. i'm robin roberts alongside diane sawyer. >> unimaginable. so many would be injured. what kind of turbulence was it? we want to let you know in a minute, exclusive new video of michael jackson vacationing and itolds clues about the whole question of whether he had a fourth child. a young man some people believe was his secret son in some way. he was also at michael jackson's memorial service and we have a closer look at that. >> that is just ahead but first to the latest on the emergency landing in miami of that continental airlines flight. our jeffrey kofman in miami has the latest for us. jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. what we know is continental flight 128 en route from rio de janeiro, brazil to houston declared an emergency when it hit severe turbulence. 26 passengers were injured. miami-dade rescue fire reports of those 26, 4 seriously injured. five or six currently being transported to the hospital. the plane made an emergency landing here in miami at about
7:32 am
6:15 a.m. eastern time. >> i know, jeffrey, you're on the way to the hospital right now. you'll have more for us later throughout the day. thank you so much. jeffrey kofman in miami. and now as we said, the abc news exclusive video, never before seen of michael jackson with a young man many people have wondered is it his secret son? is this 25-year-old aspiring rapper from norway really a fourth child? abc's chris connelly has been examining the video and has more from los angeles. chris? >> good morning, diane. that's right. water in this remarkable video. michael jackson living the life aquatic with a man who joe jackson says is michael's own son. >> dressed like the family he had a front row seat at michael jackson's memorial. but who is he? and why is he so tight with the rest of the jacksons. he is 25-year-old omer body from oslo, nor way, an aspiring
7:33 am
rapper who some are claiming is michael jackson's biological son including michael's father joe jackson. in an interview with news 1, tv 1. >> yes, i knew he had another son, yes, indeed. >> in a published report, he has denied being michael jackson's biological son. now there's this exclusive video from 1997 that gives ample testament to the closeness of their relationship t shows a 13-year-old omer on the water with michael jackson during a trip to south africa. michael and he share a ride on a jet ski. michael wearing his hat. after they climb out he says something to michael. >> he wants to go for it. >> then katherine and michael's mother and joe jackson look on separately they get prepped for parasaing. the boat starts up. the chute catches air and the two soar across the water. michael even dofts his trademark fedora before they touch down.
7:34 am
>> i wanted to see if i could hold on to my hat. >> reporter: he even introduces him to nelson mandela but are his family ties to michael jackson heartwarming fact or just wanna-be fantasy. this one-time member of his inner circle asked michael himself whether he was his love child. >> michael told me specifically to my face and i have no reason to believe he was lying to me at the time that in fact that story was not true. >> reporter: in fact, he said he and his parents met michael in 1996 in tunisia. by then he clearly idolized him and dressed like him in every detail and could even moonwalk as seen in this 1995 talent show. michael took a liking to this adoring youngster who along with his mother lived at neverland for many years. and was there in 2003 when police raided the home for evidence in the child molestation case against jackson. >> he adored michael. he looked up to him. he respected him. he admired him.
7:35 am
people for many years and even we never call him omar. we just referred to him as little michael. >> little michael, how is it? >> omer bhatti's name doesn't appear in his will and whatever this videotapesuggests, schaffel suggests his comments about michael, they have a business purpose. >> it's obvious. joe wants to do something with this new business venture he's doing and looking for some people to fill that. so i definitely think he has his eye on omer to do it. >> he looks like a jackson. he acts like a jackson. hean dance like a jackson. just that. this boy is a fantastic dancer >> reporter: omer bhatti is just the latest enigma in michael jackson's world, in the wake of his death it's only beginning to reveal its deepest secrets. jermaine jackson has already said if omer does prove to be michael jackson's son he'll be welcomed into the family with open arms, diane.
7:36 am
>> as you said, chris, another chapter, another plot line. thanks so much. coming up now again sam champion along the waterfront. sam? >> good morning, diane. we are on top of the water pad project here alongside of manhattan. this by the way,he idea of mary mattingly, a fully sustainable living on a barge. collect their own power from sunlight and collect their own water and filter it and grow their own food. they've got plants here and some chickens on board so can sustain four people make all the water, food, power necessary right here on this one barge. you can get information on this barge., click on "gma," we'll link you to the water pod project and we'll be walking around it this morning and showing you some the cool things on top oitf . t itrsof all to the maps. we're talking thout atrs emerncgey landing of a continental flight that made an eremncgegey gendlag in miami eiy this morning. we went out looking for where the storms mig have been a problem and only found one small area of thuntorsrms just south cuba.
7:37 am
but these are very intense storms, even though they're only 100 to 200 miles across they have the potential of being 60, 70,000 feet high with an awful lot of turbulence that could have been the problem zone there and the only thing we could see. quick look at the map. a gorgeous day in new england today. a lot of sunshine, 84 degrees right along the coastline. to the northwest those temperatures that were so brutal for a couple of weeks have now started to come down but we are ahe still well above normal. 80s and 90s in those locations and shaded areas of red, red flag warnings where fire danger is high because of the high heat and no rain that they've had as of late. these thunderstorms will be here today. stay with your local we are looking at a quiet morning. there will be plenty of sunshine today. current temperatures are around
7:38 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by quilted northern ultra plush. we'll be aboard the water pod project and show you other cool stuff on it this morning. diane, robin? >> thanks, sam. coming up next, rush limbaugh lost 90 pounds in five hsntmo. a new diet approach. could it be for everyone? >> it's the fastest and i'm 58 years old. with plush-quilts ® . it has two layers for .softness and an inner layer for a luxurious experience you can see and feel. in fact, it may " inspire you to make all the things you touch ultra plush. quilted northern ultra plush ® , luxury you can see and feel. and if you're not delighted, we'll give you your money back. new crest pro-health enamel shield protects against enamel loss by forming a micro-thin shield against acid attack.
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> months we didn't know what wasoingn t oasmohe pounds came off but radio host rush limbaugh is now revealing he is down nearly 90 pounds in less than five months so how did he do it? can you do it? is it safe? abc news yunji de nies has the details. >> would you give me a break? >> reporter: rush limbaugh is big, big voice, big audience, big opinions and simply a big guy. but the radio giant is getting smaller. thanks to his diet secret. >> it's the easiest one and it's
7:42 am
the fastest and i'm 58 years old and never lost weight as fast and almost 90 pounds here since march 9th. not even six months yet. >> reporter: that secret quick weight loss centers, it combines a low calorie diet, office visits and supplements complus protein boosters, carb blockers and appetite suppressant. >> there is a appetite suppressant you do take which helps curb your appetite so you don't realize you're hungry. >> reporter: gretchen herpdz lost nearly 50 pounds on the program. her story was so extraordinary she won $10,000 in the company's contest. >> it's just a different life. it makes you feel so much better about yourself. you have so much more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. >> reporter: doctors say diets like this do work but often the weight loss doesn't last because to maintain it you essentially need to stay on the diet forever. limbaugh says he's just one pound away from his goal of 210 pounds, even when he reaches it, he's not stopping.
7:43 am
>> i have no desire to stop it. in fact, i might even stay on this long enough that people think i have a deadly disease. what are you sick or something? >> reporter: hours after limbaugh revealed his secret weight loss weapon, the company's name became the fastest rising search on google like the host, many in his audience are undoubtedly looking for a quick fix. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. >> joining us now to talk about rush's diet is "gma" medical contributor dr. marie savard. first of all let me read a statement from the folks at quick weight loss center. they say a comprehensive approach to weight loss must include a maintenance program in order to ensure long-term benefits and maintenance is a part of all of our programs. what is your take on this diet? >> this diet is not -- is really no different than any other quick weight loss diets. i applaud him for making the attempt. i caught the four ss but in fact what we're talking about first is starvation. you have to lose -- to lose that
7:44 am
much weight, he talked about losing as much as a pound a day which is not safe you need to severely cut your calories, starvation mode, has potentially dangerous health effects including losing fat and lean muscle mass. second, the notion of structure and he talks a lot about the structure. it means limited choices in the diet and as he described, he wasn't allowed to have two proteins together like a chicken and beef. on the other hand he corrects it saying for breakfast i have milk and an egg product. structure helps people but it's limited. the opposite of what woe need to do. >> supplements, usually there's a little something extra. >> third "s," both herbal supplements along with food supplements so the herbal ones that they're promoting and make a big point of saying not ephedra, not the high estimasti ones but hood ia and vitamin, mineral, fish oils and then food
7:45 am
supplement, things like shakes and highly processed powders you kind of mix into liquids so supplements are costly. that's the third factor and fourth, a good thing is support. so if you go in, have personalized counseling, you can do it online. that fourth "s" is really important. >> that fourth "s" in any kind of program. bit bet ir, a little quicker tle than women. it's not fair but it happen, as well. >> it's true but he is still losing up to a pound a week -- i mean a pound a day which is a lot of weight loss which is unsafe. he's not going to keep that off. sustainability is the ultimate bottom line. can't do it with that type of diet. what is key and is missing is exercise. he admits that he governors but otherwise does not exercise. that's the foundation. it bills muscle mass. that's what works. isdz kind of a lifestyle pill that we don't want to swallow. >> may be able to take off the weight this way but difficult to maintain it though they say maintenance is part of their program, as well.
7:46 am
>> that's true about you need to learn how to eat well and eat sort of broad-based healthy foods and not these limited types of foods that require a lot of supplements. >> slow and steady wins the race. >> that's right. >> all right, but a lot of people are asking about this new quick weight loss program. >> it'll work but in the short run only. >> thank you, marie. we appreciate that. next, what not to do in building demolition. saw it earlier. we'lshowl tot i you ain because we still can't believe it. come on back. in
7:47 am
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7:50 am
tumble down the walls ♪ >> john cougar mellencamp, very nice. that is in turkey. they're trying to implode that building. they didn't. it fell over. showed it to you in the newscast. we like it a lot. you know why? because we like it when big stuff falls down. here's some other good ones we pulled from the archives. las vegas stardust hotel and casino. this was in 2007. remember this one. remember at night, vegas style. see the explosives. you have to put them in there sometimes as many as a thousand different charges to make it
7:51 am
fall straight down. >> a few months later there was another one. >> the sands casino in atlantic city. thank you, robin. >> again, at night. >> falling straight down. that's how we do it here in the u.s. veterans stadium. remember that. the vet in philadelphia. that was in 2004. of course, now they have citizens bank park there. but, look, not easy to do, this stuff. >> like a domino effect. >> look how many. >> casino, stadiums, the main ones that -- >> well, hundreds of structures have been imploded in the past 25 years. >> just giving you material. >> a real spectators' sport. >> i think it's possibly the dumbest thing humans do all of us together any time a building is falling down, we just stop and go, huh? and we watch as long as it takes then we watch it in slow motion. >> this is rolling. >> you never know when a tumbling at you in the middle of a -- >> flour factory built in 1928. vacant since the '80s.
7:52 am
they don't make buildings like that anymore >> that's the kind of thing you see from your balcony. >> that's right. why not see that, as well. >> did you see that? it's a building coming at me. >> i happen to be in turkey. who knows. i agree. we just sit there and watch it. >> like cats sitting in the window. >> cats. coming up on "good morning america" -- selling celebrity secrets. sarah jessica parker is the latest star to say her privacy was invaded. the suspect, the police. and two-time oscar winner meryl streep. ay jul child? and what her new movie can teach us about food and love. the u.s. government's program - called c.a.r.s. or cash for clunkers. - ( car being crushed ) offering up to $4500 toward aew car with an eligible trade-in. plus, toyota is offering factory incentives on many models for even more savings. with toyota being the most
7:53 am
dependable and fuel-efficient car company in america, it's no wonder 25 models in the toyota family qualify. so hurry in to your toyota dealer today.
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7:56 am
>> i am alison starling with your local update. let's look at traffic and
7:57 am
weather. >> to date shakes up to be fine on a highway for now. there is a little volume and there is one unusual thing. there is a minor crash on rte. 50, john hanson highway. the vehicles are on the left shoulder. let's take you live to virginia where things have settled down. no delays in springfield. it is a beautiful ride on the george washington parkway. this is north of the ronald reagan airport. >> it is a great morning. temperatures iren the 70's. we will warm-up into the afternoon hours of near 90. the nasty cold front that brought us bad weather yesterday is pushing off shore. the high pressure settles back into the mid-atlantic region.
7:58 am
temperatures will be around 83 degrees by noon and 90 by dinnertime. tomorrow, the air quality will not be great. code yellow for today and cohens were tomorrow. fairfax county will host the 2015 world police and fire games. they are expected to drop 10,000 competitors. most of the events will be at george mason university. we will have another news update at 8:25. for continuous news coveinuous p
7:59 am
8:00 am
od morning a "good morning america" continues with an emergency landing. a continental airlines jumbo jet divert to miami after hitting violent turbulence. dozens injured. we'll have a live report. plus, snooping on celebrities. hospitals and even the police accused of invading the privacy of big stars like sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick.
8:01 am
how low will people go for gossip? and the magnificent meryl streep. she talks to diane about family, love and playing the legendary julia child in her new film. and good morning, america. when last we left you it was july. now we're back and it's august 3rd. how does that happen. >> i'll say. when you're having fun you know what happens. also this morning, how quickly can you tell if someone is lie skwlg we'll put you to the test coming up in our next half hour. also, try to explore the question, why do some people -- you see bernie madoff here, why can some people just lie after lie after lie? what goes on inside their heads? that's ahead. and vitamins. this is the vital vitamin. up to 75% of us are not getting enough vitamin "d." the five ways to save your life. first chris with the morning news. latest on the emergency landing.
8:02 am
>> good morning to you again. let's get right to the breaking news. a continental airlines flight making an emergency landing this morning in miami after severe turbulence. some serious injuries are reported. let's get to the scene. kelly butler of our miami station wplg is outside the hospital where passengers are being treated right now. good morning, kelly. what do we know? >> reporter: chris, good morning. at least three of those injured were brought here to jackson memorial hospital in miami. they were wearing neck braces. in all 26 people were hurt, four seriously. the injuries, however, are not considered life-threatening. this was an overnight flight coming from rio de janeiro to houston with 168 people on board. the plane hit some turbulence and had to make an emergency landing at miami international airport. rescuers on the ground used food service carts, sky chefs, to take the injured off the plane. once again, although there are some serious injuries, everyone
8:03 am
is expected to be okay. chris. >> all right, kellie butler, thanks to you and wplg. the cash for clunkers program may be coming to the end of the road. it will run out of gas unless the senate approves an extra $2 billion in funding this week. and now we keep hearing all of these billions of dollars, where is it going? so hard to digest. a new report breaks it into numbers that are easier to understand. look at it this way, it finds that federal spending will average nearly $34,000 per household this year. that's up $8,000 since just last year and may go up even more as lawmakers look to extend unemployment benefits. here's a good one also. $72 billion spent by our government to the wrong people. in either double payments or missed payments. can you believe it? it's true. that's the news at 8:03. time for the weather and mr. sam champion. sam? >> and good morning, chris. we're on the water pod. the water pod project floating
8:04 am
around new york city. fully sustainable living on a barge by the way. that's mary mattingly. this was her idea and what i'm doing right now is pumping the water from their gray water filtration system onto the plants. how often do you do it a day? >> we do it about once a day. >> about how many calories. >> you could totally eat a candy bar after this. >> how many plants are on board. >> about 25 varieties of vegetables and two fruits. >> they can grow their own food. have chickens on board as well and get their water and their power all on the barge and you can power a laptop. this is what it looks like when you're living on board. tape of what the quarters are. you can do it any way you want it to. fully self-contained here and rooms for four people. everybody has their own room. great idea. we'll link you to the wat or take you there at click on "gma." let's talk a little about strong to severe storms going on this
8:05 am
morning. right in the middle of the country, it's likely these will fire up this afternoon. so looking in this area, home ha through chicagoland. kansas city, springfield you'll see storms. flyby, east to west this morning. we can tell you there are thunderstorms that will pop up into the southeast as well and will contain heavy rain. dallas, the heat is on at 100 degrees and slightly cooler even though it's 95 degrees in ñi >> another hot and humid day n the way. and looks like it will stick around. look at the express forecast. temperatures i the low 80's, near 90ñi degrees for the drive time home. it will increase our humidity levels. how about 92 degrees? better chance for thunderstorms late wednesday into
8:06 am
>> so the great thing about this, robin, it's a lesson in complete sustainable living. how gray water works, how to collect solar power. how to collect your own rainwater right here on one project. >> wonderful. i was driving back from connecticut along west side highway and saw that pod. i'm like what in the world is that thing? now we know. >> yeah, you can see it from the road, yep, yep. >> keep working, sam. we'll get back to you. >> burning those calorie. >> yes, you are. but now to celebrity snooping. we're learning new details about that bizarre break-in at the home of the surrogate mother for actress sarah jessica parker. believe it or not, two ohio police chiefs have been charged and could face more than a decade in prison. abc's andrea canning has more. >> reporter: sarah jessica parker is no stranger to the prying eyes of the paparazzi but the most recent invasion on her family's privacy wasn't against her but the surrogate who
8:07 am
carried her twin girls. parker expressed her disgust to "access hollywood." >> the most unsavory thing has been done. she's, you know, had her phone hacked, her personal computer information hacked. >> reporter: and shockingly the most flagrant violation may have been made by law enforcement. two ohio police chiefs were arraigned friday charged with breaking into the home of surrogate michele ross with the hope of selling her personal information to the tabloids. ironically, it was the paparazzi who blew the whistle. they say when the chiefs alle d allegedly approached them to sell the information, they tipped off the surrogate who went to the state authorities. the battle for gossip has reached new heights. just last whack espn correspondent erin andrews called 911 to report lurking paparazzi outside her home. now a tabloid target after someone posted incredible of her in a hotel room on the internet. when farrah fawcett was diagnosed with cancer, a hospital worker sold her medical records for more than $4,600.
8:08 am
fawcett was so fed up she set up a sting. with america's insatiable appetite for gossip at any cost, sarah jessica parkers now focusing inward away from the public eye on her newly expanded family. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. and we turn now to a "gma" exclusive with prosecuting attorney shawnhervey bringing the charges against those two police chiefs. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. have you been in touch with sarah jessica parker and her husband matthew broderick about the case. >> no, we haven't. we try to respect people's privacy. that's a lot about what the case is about. >> we heard some of the details, shawn. fill in some of them more if you can. who actually is alleged to have brokoken i io the home of the surrogate. >> what we have here is an allegation that threregentlemen, bruce kaler.
8:09 am
c., chaddojack a one more home.ired to break into t the it is leged that callarik owned the hotel where the photographer stayed that dojack was the contact person with carpenenter o was the chief of police where the surrogate mother lived and that chief carpenter is the person who entered the home. >> wasas he onuty at the time. >> we believe he was. >> what ise saying. >> well, it's my understanding rough his attorney he wants to fight these e charges s and i et this mter to go to trial. >> we heard in the report right before you that the surrogate, they were talking about her phone being tapped, her computer being hacked. any truth to that and do these police chiefs have anything to do with that. >> that is not part of our case, robin. we do have one of the officers, mr. carpenter charged with using a computer system in order to gain information but it wasn't any of her personal effects. >> did these police officers, did they come up with the plan
8:10 am
on their own? were they approached by the paparazzi and photographers? i mean exactly what went down allegedly. >> what i'm able to tell you and of course i can't give too many details without jeopardizing a fair trial is that photographers were staying at the hotel of chief dojack's father-in-law and that they approached the father-in-law for information and he set them up with the two police chiefs. >> and these two police chiefs, one is still actively on duty? >> that's my understanding. up until we had the arraignments on friday they were on duty. it was a two-month investigative process. it is my understanding now there are proceedings against at least one of them for removal from the job while these charges are pending. >> what more can you tell us about these two men and how the community is reacting. >> there is a lot of shock in the community and a lile bit of embarrassment. any time someone is sworn to uphold the law it's always disappointing when there's
8:11 am
allegations that they have failed to keep up with those oaths. >> any chance for any kind of -- any deal, or do you believe, as you said, that it will go to court. >> it's early in the process but i think with the gravity of the charges that it's going to be difficult for either side to give a whole lot so i expect this matter to go to trial. >> if you do go to court do you believe you have a strong case. >> robin, any time we charge a person we believe we can convict them of that crime so, yes, ma'am. >> shawn hervey, we appreciate gh ansid t.le let us know what you think at coming up next, the legendary actress meryl streep. come on back. ya'll lovin' your mccafé experience?
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in the new movie "julie & julia" meryl streep plays the legendary six foot tall funny chef julia child who changed america's horizons about food and life while living a long and loving magerria. and streep sths iaat the joy inside her portrayal is something she saw in her own mother. as for the cooking, well, who could live up to the real julia and her mastery, say, o chickens. >> miss broiler, miss fryer, mr. roaster, and oh, madam hen
8:16 am
but we're spotlighting miss roaster of the year. we're roasti ining this chicken today on "the french chef." >> can you pick the roaster out? >> well, that's a turkey. >> i don't think so. >> that's duck. >> this looks like a roasting chicken but i think this is the one she held up, so -- if you shop -- that's a stewer. steward. stewer. this is stewer. >> you have to look between his legs to see -- >> as we roll with our cckens down the -- >> i'm julia child. bon appetit. >> my inspiration for julia was just not far from my body because julia, that spirit was very like my mother's spirit. joie de vivre, she had it, but not a cook, not a cook, no.
8:17 am
>> this cannot be true. you did not know what a potato was until you were 10. >> well, i knew baked potato. i knew what a potato looked like, brown skin and threw it in the oven and forgot about it for about an hour and a half or two. that's the way we had them. but i've never seen a peeled white potato and didn't -- we got mashed potatoes out of the box and i had gone up to the -- a friend's house when i was about 10 and they were in there peeling what looked like white tennis balls. they said we're going to make mashed potatoes. i said, they come in a box. what are you doing? >> julia, you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life, i love you, darling girl. happy valentine's day. >> so what do they teach about marriage? >> oh, i don't know. i think that the surprising
8:18 am
thing for audiences has been that two people that look like your grandparents could be, you know, having sex and being in love and see the best in each other and support each other's while ambitions. >> shouldn't i find something to do? wives don't do anything here. it's not me. it's not me. >> i know. >> also i noticed on the bulletin board at the embassy hatmaking lessons. >> you like hats. >> i do. i do. i do. >> that is it that you really like to do? >> eat.
8:19 am
>> i know. i know. and you're so good at it. >> i am good. >> how good you are. >> growing in front of you. >> and i was growing. >> you really ate. >> yeah, i was trying to get taller. but it didn't work. >> you end up falling in love with something different than you thought you were in love with usually in a good marriage, a marriage that lasts. >> well, i think -- i think everything -- every seven years, you know, another person emerges and you got to buckle your seat belt. there is no such thing as a long marriage that's this static thing. i think it evolves and changes and i think that when you're young and getting married, you don't know what you're signing up f but you're signing up for a big job. >> so your 60th birthday.
8:20 am
don't tell me -- don't tell that to me. don't say that to me. and your husband gave you a toaster. >> wel he gave me a toaster because he likes toast. so -- >> it means something. >> in the spirit of keeping the marriage alive but he also gave me some other wonderful things. my daughter gave me a rocking chair. >> in fact, your empty nest. >> so much of your life focused on all of these kids and don said to me, you know, 30 years now, somebody has to be home in september. you know. all the time and we've never made any plans to go anywhere or do anything for 30 years and now we can. sort of great. >> you feel there's a whole new adventure out there for you? >> i don't know. i just -- i live life like a recovering alcoholic even though
8:21 am
i'm not yet. i just -- a day at a time and i'm so really, really aware of how fortunate i am to have the life i do and to keep working. that's the big shock. and to have people touched by my work or that it makes them laugh or feel better or think something that they didn't think about before. that's really -- that's a wonderful thing. and to see my kids all grown up and becoming people, it's all great. >> when you flip anything, you just got to have the courage of your convictions, especially if it's a loose sort of mass like -- oh, that didn't go very well. >> what was the secret? this is -- >> this is a plastic egg thing. >> i know it's a plastic egg but we're talking principles here. >> gudiane, can i give you a ti?
8:22 am
i don't know how to -- but look at that, kids. >> let me see it again. >> go back and forth. like that. >> because the secret is not to get it too high, right. >> woo! comedy egg flip. >> thank you. >> cheers. >> >> and "julie & julia" opens in theaters august 7th. check it out on our website too. we'll be back. his coat is incredibly shiny and soft and very thick. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mckelway. it clocked 25. time for a look at your traffic and weather. -- 8:00, 25. >> northbound i-395, second exit to glebe road, an accident on the exit ramp.
8:26 am
take the first one. let's see what to expect on the roads. do not expect to find delays. we're moving at speed in both directions on 270. good on the beltway except on the out of do. it is going to take youñr longe and on average. thisçó is the 14th street bridge across the potomac river with a minor delay. not bad on 66 and i-395. delays from glebe road. xlook at all of that sunshi. the sunshine will stick around all day long. take a look at what is going on outside at this hour. high pressure builds across the midñi atlantic region. daytime high temperatures will top off around 90 degrees.
8:27 am
another push of warmer air tomorrow. temperatures in the low 90's tomorrow. mid 80's thursday and friday. >> thank you.
8:28 am
metro will begin repairs this week. that will mean more delays. kathy park has more. >> the top priority will be preparing the site of the summer's deadliest accident. testing on the red line is now over, making ways for crews to replace critical track circuitry. investigators say this may have failed to note the other train. >> we're going in to find out the problem. >> metro made several changes.
8:29 am
trains moved in manual mode. all this meant delays and larger crowds. riders can expect more of the same as reconstruction continues. >>ñi i just hope they find a resolution. we depend on the red line. >> thank you. that was kathy park reporting. a man is expected in district court today and may be near a police deal. he was a top official. prosecutors say he and others two ran a kickback scheme for up to four years. he was arrested in march. there was a lot of beachgoers that had to deal with soggy weather. you can see the auto industry
8:30 am
ankle deep. virginia's sales tax holiday runs from this friday through sunday. you comply back-to-school items without sales tax. it also applies to clothing and shoes back cost under $100. we will have another update for you at 8:56. we will have another update for you at 8:56. ♪ that's sugarland. grammy winning duo. they should be rolling about now. christian is. there he goes. it's become a trademark of their live performances. sugarland is so hot right now they have their first network tv
8:31 am
special tonight and this morning they're here live to give us a preview. what's the matter, jennifer? come on. >> get those shoes going. >> now, this is what they do in their show. so lively, so entertaining. we'll explain it all coming up. such great sports. i feel like i'm at your concert right now. >> i know. >> we say good morning, america. alongside chris and diane. i'm robin. >> also coming up in this half hour, we know that vitamin "d" is important. we've been talking about it here but 75% of all americans still have too little vitamin "d." a huge percentage of children don't get enough vitamin "d" and we'll tell you more that is new about the ways it's implicated in your health and how you get enough in easy and certain ways. >> and half of the 25% who say they do get enough are lying and how do i know that? because that's what we're talking about this morning also.
8:32 am
the truth about lying. it seems that everywhere around us in society from ponzi schemers to presidents, you know, everybody gets caught every once in a while. the question is how can you tell if someone is lying to you? you two gorgeous and talented people. >> ha, ha, i knew that was coming. >> i like your tie. >> my mom gave me this tie. now i got you. >> then i love it. >> can we just say jennifer and christian are still in the big bubbles? >> standing over there. >> in the bubbles. >> from the bubble to the pod this morning, sam along the waterfront as we know in new york. sam? >> good morning. we're doing subirrigation planters. c.u. green led by nicholas, right? crew leader. you got it together. all right, and basically what we're doing is taking -- recycling. >> yes, we are. >> and we're teaching people how to grow food. >> yes.
8:33 am
>> all right. so your idea on subirrigation gardening starts with the little pot, starts with a reusable soda bottle, right? >> yes. >> cut it in half. >> that's all we need to dis cut it in half with the top and the bottom. the water wicks up through the neck of the bottle and it's the best way to grow plants in a container. >> and then look at that. that's kind of the finished product. nicholas, you guys ready? got your pot, little holes cut around the edge of this thing and felt shoved into the bottom. lead the ladies in putting the dirt in while we talk about how to reach all this information, okay? are you ready? you think you got it together. don't forget your to pate to plant. i'll hold th. you put the dirt around it. so to find out more about this gardening we'll link you to at click on "gma" and we'll link you in on how to do this gardening. it's kind of a good way to get everything nice and wet and keep it wet. you don't have to struggle with the watering all the time. quick look at the flyby.
8:34 am
strong to severe storms to develop in america's heartland during the afternoon hours today. stay up with your local abc >> already august 3, and temperatures are going to feel like it. temperatures around 90 degrees. code orange for air quality. >> remember that just in case i can't say it? how are you doing, nicholas? need a little bit more dirt. that weather was brought to you by the time traveler's wife rated pg-13. diane, robin. >> looks like you're having a good time, sam. thank you. now the truth hurts. did you know that two people meeting for the first time will lie to each other an average of three times in the first ten minutes of a conversation? why do we lie? and is there a price for fibbing? well, dr. robert feldman is the
8:35 am
author of "the liar in your life: the way to truthful relationships" and he's researched the practice of lying and deception for more than 25 years and you have some honest answers for us, don't you? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> why do we do it. >> we do it because it's easy and we get away with it and because it helps us in life. >> your research shows three times in the first ten minutes, we lie? it's that -- >> yeah, it's -- it happens all the time and a lot of the time we're not even aware that it's happening. my research, which i talk about in the book, shows that we do it almost constantly and almost unnsciously. we're just not aware that we do it. and it leads us into situations that are kind of a slippery slope. we start off with these what we call white lies and better we get at it the more we do it the easier it is to become more and more deptive. >> on a much larger scale, ponzi schemes happen that way. we heard bernie madoff say he couldn't believe he wasn't caught earlier and he just kept
8:36 am
going and going and going and we know what happened in the end. >> exactly. get painted into a corner eventually because these lies become bigger and bigger and you just can't figure out a way to get out of them. >> we start oftentimes at an early age. you know, children are told when they -- be polite. you really want to say something as a child and almost your parent doesn't force you into lying but maybe takes a different tact. >> they definitely teach to you lie. we're all taught to lie. we're told, grandma is coming over bringing you a gift. i know you're not going to like it but tell her you u like it. >> a few people laughed about it because they've heard that saidhahat. we s sayay, e., , yolook at ll i. and s it's my b bs so we are by doing tse kind d of it's a confusisi messa bausesel. at the same time we're saying always tell the truth and talk washington, but we're giving these very differerent kinds of
8:37 am
messages. never tellll a lie but a at thee ti, well, it's really ok to lie. >> so what should we do here? i mean because we're laughing about it and we all have told little fibibs anmake ourselves adad to somethinmuchch morasas we've seen. . >> i thinknk we really have to vigilant about lying, about our own lying. that's the first place to start. i always challenge people to say, just watch yourself through the course of the day and whenever you're talking to someone think about what you're saying to them and look at the number of times that you say something that's not true and almost everyone who does this finds out that they're lying far more than they thought they were. >> so there are things that we can be aware of and stop it and we should. >> absolutely. >> often people say it's not the crime, it's the cover-up. even when you know if you fess up and tell the truth it's not going to be nearly as bad, still we do the option. why is that? >> we just get caught up in things. our lies back us into corners and we can't get out.
8:38 am
the madoff example is one of the best ones where he started off in a small way, but the lies grew and grew and grew and he had to cover them up until they were out of control and there was no way out for him. so i think the way to stop the lying is to start with these small lies and stop them and think about the message that we're giving to other people. >> but are we ready to hear the truth? i mean can we -- not to be corny but can we handle the truth. >> we need to hear the truth about ourselves certainly. you never get -- there's no way to improve yourself if you can't hear the truth about yourself. if everyone is always telling you, oh, you look terrific or, oh, that was -- you played great at the piano recital or that was a great report that you produced at work. you never get better. so we really need to invite other people to tell us the truth. >> constructivcriticism never hurts. >> exactly. >> if it's truthful. what are you hoping that people picking up your book -- what do
8:39 am
you want them to get out of it. >> what i'd like them to see is, first of all, look at themselves and see how often they e and see where this he can get more truthful in their lives and have others demand truth from others so they can become better people in the end. >> appreciate you being here and i mean that. we mean that. so thank you. you must get jokes just left and right. >> a fair number, yeah. >> thank you, bob. thanks so much. >> good to be here. >> appreciate it. you can read an excerpt of his book at coming u> coming çovu?x?z?z?zrrñziçñx
8:40 am
8:41 am
start here. go further.
8:42 am
it seems the medical community cannot say enough about the importance of vitamin "d." a new study has found nonetheless that 75% of us don't
8:43 am
get enough of this important vitamin, that almost the same number of children don't. a committee at the institute of medicine is meeting today to determine if the recommended daily intake of vitamin "d" should be increased. "gma" medical contributor dr. marie savard is here. both on what you should do but beginning all the ways as i said it's implicated in your health. take us through what we know now. >> we're learning almost every day more and more good things. looks like every cell in our body has a receptor for vitamin "d." so that means it impacts all sorts of things. it's not just about our bones so we're learning first of all weight loss. a study this summer actually talked about people who had low levels of vitamin "d" had difficulty losing weight, belly fat. it is associated with heart disease and it's key. second, related to vitamin "d" is just overall life expectancy.
8:44 am
death rates seem to be lower in people who have high levels of vitamin "d." why might that be? i think it could be because of some of these other benefits. bones, the risk of bone fracture, osteoporosis with aging and we know certainly that vitamin "d" is critical to absorbing calcium in our gut so it almost doesn't work, calcium so well without the vitamin "d." that's another factor and then heart disease. who would think that vitamin "d" would play a role but it sees that what it does is lower blood pressure, relax arteries and reduces risk of heart disease and finally even cancer. colon, breast, prostate cancer, low levels have been linked to higher rates of cancer. >> yet 75% of us don't get enough. so let's talk about the ways you can get it. we try to stay out of the sun because we think we should but being in the sun is one way to get it. can you get enough sun and vitamin "d" by just a few minutes a week? >> you can but just remember nature gave us only one way to get vitamin "d" and that was the sun. years ago we led near the
8:45 am
equator. we worked outdoors. we had plenty of sun. now we're much more conservative. we moved north and don't get that high intense sun and further more we use sun blocks. you can get enough if you get about 15 minutes of sun two or three times a week but motion of us are advised to put on sunscreens before we even go outdoors so on the one hand sun is good for us but on the other hand i think we have to be wary of the health risk so it is an option but i think we have to be careful. >> you have to get pretty strong sunlight to do that which takes us to the next question which is can you get it by food. >> yes, you can by food but not very well. let's go through the list. the current recommendations now and the guidelines may change as a result of the conference this week are on average about 400 units a day. children at least 400 unit, adults 400 as much as 600 units equivalent to 1 1/2 servings of salmon or a fatty fish or even cod liver oil or fish oil capsul, believe it or not, have a lot of vitamin "d" in it.
8:46 am
that's one choice, probably the best choice but we always limit our fish because of concerns about toxin, as well. another choice is fortified milk. you need four cups to get 400 units. one cup, 100 units. that's a lot of milk and i think the young kids which you made the point aren't getting the milk they need. the other option, dairy, egg yolks, not the whole egg but the yawl i yolks. you need -- >> healthy egg white omelets -- >> take care of a lot of elderly nuns who have a lot of risk of bone fracture take a thoand to 2,000 a day. their health is on the line right now. you can get 400 units in one multivitamin or take a vitamin "d" supplement and get as much as a thousand units. it's safe if you don't take too much. >> you can take too much so check your doctor and stay within the guidelines about the number of units. >> yes. >> so for adults up to a
8:47 am
thousand a day. >> yes, and i think we'll see some changes but most important thing is none of us are geing enough and since sun isn't a realistic option we've got to think about the other ways. >> think about all these ways that affects your health. thanks, marie. go to if you want details about the supplements and vitamin "d." coming up next, sugarland, inside
8:48 am
8:49 am
sugarland skyrocket ride to superstardom and now after selling 7 million albums, they landed their own concert special event tonight here on abt' ic,s called "sugarland: live on the inside." also the name of their new cd and dvd combo out in stores tomorrow. we're so happy to have jennifer and christian of sugarland back here. on "gma."
8:50 am
you're singing our song. singing our song. how are y'all doing. >> we are great. happy, excited. >> you should be. >> just waking up but good. >> i know, i know. these are early hours for musicians. >> early hours for vampires, yes. >> tell us a little bit about tonight because i've had the pleasure of seeing youn concert as many of us have here and, boy, it is electric. so tell us what people are going to sense tonight. >> hopefully that same electricity hopefully in your living room. this was a concert we shot back in the fall at rep arena in lexington, kentucky with what i don't know, 10,000 of our closest friends and it was great. it's a great show and you get to see what we do and not only musically but the artistry and the fun we put into the show. >> christian, i mean, when you were coming in with the bubble -- >> you could see it tonight. we wanted to crab surf but, you know, country crowd doesn't have a history that have so we had to
8:51 am
teach them. >> take off into the parking lot. >> so we get into the bubbles and that's how we do it. you'll see it tonight. >> there it is. like that. >> like that. >> see? >> oh, that was on top of somebody. >> so everyone is just -- they have their arms up. you're very trusting. >> you're hoping. sometimes it's like beers and cameras. they kind of go like this. >> between the two. you got your new cd and dvd that's coming out tomorrow. it's quintessential sugarland but then also you have some other -- some other influences on this. >> we decided to do -- because we love to do covers of songs we enjoy and pepper those in throughout the show. why don't we compile over the past few years some of the covers we most enjoyed and are fun. we put them on a cd so it'll be in the pack and exclusively at walmart too, by the way, if you want to go get it. >> just in case. >> that will do it. >> he's the cut-up. isn't he? >> he is the cut-up.
8:52 am
>> keeps me around because i keep her laughing. >> congratulations again, duo of the year. >> thank you. thank you. >> it just continues to build and the people that are following you in that. how special was it to have this on tonight to get people a glimpse of who you are? >> you know, the history of the summer concert on television is long and we're -- we're just excited that we can share a show. we can't get to every city. there's not enough weekends in the year so hopefully people will be turned on, turn on their friends. >> fun to do on a monday night. you know what i'm saying. it's summery and sit around, have a barbecue and everybody watch our concert. music on television, imagine that. >> imagine that. you all are fans of these type of specials. you over the years have seen it. >> many right here in new york. >> yeah, yeah. i mean, there was, what, garth brooks was in central park. >> paul simon. >> paul simon. >> name droppers, you. >> yeah, yeah. >> there's a lot of music. are you kidding?
8:53 am
>> not going to hear them sing. i'm sorry, this morning. >> we were great in the bubbles, weren't we? okay. >> we were hoping you would get in the bubble. i was hoping you and diane would be in the bubbles and go rolling across the crowd. >> a nice break for you. we really appreciate it. next time we're going to belt out one of your -- oo r wchatt tonight at 8:00, 7: 00central. >> sleaze good. >> yeah. sugarla sugarland, "sugarland: live on the inside." just as we said tonight. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we're waving good-bye to sam. bye, sam. come home. all is forgiven. >> so far away. >> so far aw. ten minutes maybe. anyway hope you'll be with us tomorrow. have a wonderful day tomorrow. bye, sugarland.
8:57 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. 8:56. i am doug mckelway. let's check on your traffic and weather. >> 270 northbound, we're getting two getting two buses stopped in the roadway. let's check out the pace of traffic heading towards clarksburg. it looks great. we will leave 270, which is good, and take you to virginia, where we have nothing to the pentagon. it is good across the roosevelt
8:58 am
bridge and the 14th street bridge. >> look at all of the sunshine outside. the will allow temperatures to warm up. high pressure builds into the region for mostly sunny skies, near 90 codedeco yello today partly cloudy and warm up for tonight. code orange for tomorrow. around 93 degrees. a risk for an afternoon thunderstorm. temperatures will be cooling down for the end of the week down to the mid 80's with nighttime lows around 70 degrees. >> thank you. two tornadoes struck maryland on friday. one went through frederick county.
8:59 am
another touched down in carroll county. thank you for watching. we

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